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    The Problem

    Managers and customers like to have constant feedback about the progress of the project. Project members wants to be able to focus on their tasks without spending too much time informing management using emails or producing reports.

    We need a tool that will keep the productivity high and lets every project member focus on what they know best without introducing a lot of overhead.

    The Solution

    Project Engine was designed to meet these demands. With Project Engine all project members concentrate on the work in their task list. Management and customers can quietly follow the progress while Project Engine takes care of producing reports and distributing work. Everyone is contributing in keeping the project plan up to date since tasks can be broken down into subtasks that in turn are delegated to other project members.

    All reports in Project Engine are dynamically updated and shows the actual status of the project at any time. Even the Gantt Chart is produced completely automatically from actual and current task data. Gantt Charts are otherwise very hard to keep up to date and will in many cases actually give an incorrect view of the status of the project, see the More RUP Anti-patterns article that covers this problem.

    Quick Introduction of Project Engine

    Project Engine is a powerful but lightweight project planning and task management system that drives the workflow of an entire project. It is a reliable, scalable and secure solution for projects ranging from a single user to a large corporation.

    The system manages tasks and assignments, schedules events, encourages work breakdown and delegation and improves the accuracy of time estimation. Changes are tracked through history and the current status of the project is revealed through a vast number of reports.

    Project Engine brings the customer closer to the project and makes communication between project members efficient. Templates can be used for repeating common workflows and give the ability to create a customized way of working in the project.

    Unlike other project management tools workflow is combined with a hierarchical tree of tasks, which gives Project Engine unique capabilities. With an intuitive user interface, all project members will be up and running in just a matter of minutes, and more efficient than ever before. Work as a single user or online as a team using Project Engine Server.

    Project Engine...

  • Drives the entire project workflow.
  • Simplifies work breakdown and delegation.
  • Is easy to use and does not create additional overhead.
  • Reduces the need for other methods of communication, such as e-mail, telephone, or meetings.
  • Gives the team a complete overview of the project status.
  • Reduces the effort and improves the accuracy of time estimation.
  • Brings the customer closer to the project members.
  • Enables reuse through templates. Templates are provided for RUP and XP.
  • Supports secure data transfer between client and server.
  • Tracks all changes through history.
  • Switches seamlessly between on- and off-line.
  • Automatically synchronizes when server and client is in contact.
  • Gives a clear view over responsibilities and roles within the project.
  • Is simple and quick to install, no web server or database required.

  • Perfect for Agile Development

    Most tools are too complicated and time consuming to be useful for agile teams. Filling out user story or task cards with Project Engine are just as easy as on paper. Tasks and user stories can be moved around using drag and drop, reassigned to any user or role, be prioritized and arranged in order of completion.

    The tracker may at any time disconnect the laptop to continue working; for example when breaking down user stories into tasks and assigning them at the planning meeting. The client will automatically synchronize with the server when the laptop is reconnected to the network, and all task will be distributed to the individual team members to-do lists when it is time to deliver them.

    Benefits of using Project Engine instead of cards:

  • Actual task data will automatically generate Gantt charts and many other reports of interest to the project management and customer without any additional work from the project members.
  • All users or roles in the project will have a clear view of what to do at any moment.
  • User stories and tasks are available to all team members regardless of location.
  • All changes to tasks and user stories are registered in the system.
  • Tasks can be broken down into subtasks, making them easier to estimate.
  • Data from time estimations will be kept and summarized in the system.

  • List of Features

    View the list of features of the Personal, Professional and Enterprise editions.


    "EXCELLENT PRODUCT - Easy to Use!"

    "This was just what I wanted - a way to track multiple tasks using a tree and sub-task system. It is really easy to set up and use. I did have a problem when I updated my Java, sent the company an email, and they answered (and fixed the problem) in less than 12 hours. Made me happy!"

    Rating: 4, 5, 4, 5 (out of 5)

    "Very good product, increased our team performance with 180%"

    Rating: 4, 5, 5, 5 (out of 5)

    "Simple, good looking and powerful"

    "It isnt exactly a full featured CRM, but it has enough features to be a good tool for groups working in projects. I havent tested many things yet. But I love the splitting into subtasks feature. And giving time to them. I also like the "current tasks list" and its easy to work interface."

    Rating: 5 (out of 5)

    "Perfect For Straightforward Organization of a Thousand Tasks Over Many Projects"

    Exactly what I needed to keep tasks and deadlines organized by project and then produce separate reports showing ALL tasks, "Buy" tasks, tasks for one person or one project.
    -I love the flexibility and on-the-fly, anything-goes reports. I quickly made just the right lists/reports to keep myself organized on a daily basis. I can think (on the left) in terms of project flow and (on the right) in terms of what needs to happen now and next week.
    -Adding tasks is MUCH quicker than in most programs as I can add the next one directly from the one I am currently working (can add a subtask, or a same-level task with one click).
    -I love that I can export to excel, run a macro and quickly have a pretty report for disseminating to clients.
    -Almost no training required, very intuitive and the help topics are very informative and VISUAL, when you do need a little explanation. I was fully up and running in less than an hour. And had all of my projects loaded by the end of the night."

    Rating: 4 (out of 5)

    "Great! Many thanks to the publisher for making it free!"

    "Very pleasant to use, easy to learn, exactly what I was looking for organizing my work."

    Rating: 5 (out of 5)

    Comments from our Users

    "Thanks a lot !!! You are the best, indeed !!"

    "Congratulations for what seems to me a terrific tool!!!"

    "I really like your product."

    "Thanks very much for your excellent project management solution! I’ve been looking for a simple project/task manager for years and finally you’ve done one that isn’t overkill."

    "It works very nice. Interface is friendly. My compliments."

    "By the way really nice job on the interface.... very professional look and feel..."

    "Downloaded your Project Engine last night and I am impressed. I love the clean, clear user interface."

    "Thanks for all your replies and support - it really makes a difference and you have a great product."

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    "Thank you for your assistance, overall it is a great product."

    "First, your product is the best task management tool I have used to date. It's absolutely amazing!"

    "Speaking as a developer who uses XML for almost everything, I LOVE the design. It's exactly how I would have designed it (and that's a compliment) :) Keep up the nice work."

    "My primary business user and I have really enjoyed working with the software to write the workflows and reports we need. You have developed a great system!"