The Complete Enterprise Project Management Solution
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    Increase Productivity

    Project Engine will dramatically increase the productivity in your project by supporting all project members in all stages of the project life-cycle. Project Engine can be used for project planning and tracking work down to the smallest activity.

    What is Project Engine?

    Project Engine is an online collaboration system that can be described as a mix of a task management/issue tracking system and a project planning tool, or like a clever integration of Microsoft Project, MS Project Server and the IBM Rational suite of Requisite Pro, Test Manager and Clear Quest.

    Can Project Engine really be an alternative to all of these market leading project tools? Sounds impossible but, yes, we believe so and would even take it one step further and claim that Project Engine has even more to offer like:

  • Outstanding traceability. Since PE can be used for anything from requirements to the smallest task all members can easily follow the path of activities in the entire project.

  • Great usability. PE is designed to be extremely easy to use since all project members must be able to use it without training.

  • Close web integration. PE uses many common web techniques like XML, XSL, HTTP and HTML to provide a tight, stable and expandable web solution.

  • Easy to understand and setup. No complicated setup process, Project Engine comes with everything needed and will be ready to run directly after installation.

  • Can be used on any Java supported platform. Use PE on Windows, Linux, Macintosh or any other platform supported by Java.

  • Supports any project or process. Project Engine was designed for supporting demanding software projects but is general enough to be used in any kind of project.

  • Tasks are part of the project plan. Tasks and project plan are not handled separately like most other tools.

  • Why do you need Project Engine?

    Project Engine addresses most of the common problems found in projects today like:

  • Lack of user involvement
  • Communication problems
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities
  • Lacking requirements
  • Unclear objectives
  • Changing requirements and specifications
  • Poor cost and schedule estimation
  • Failure to plan
  • Late failure warning signals
  • Incomplete testing

  • What is unique about Project Engine?

    Surprisingly, most tools does not support creating subtasks to a task or activity, something that is common in real life and in any project. Project Engine takes this further and makes it possible to also arrange task in order of completion. Combined with a few simple rules an entire project can be planned and tracked in this way.

    Templates can be defined to support activities for any role in the project making it easier to follow the process selected by your company.

    Project Engine comes with a set of templates for Extreme Programming (XP) and Rational Unified Process (RUP) but templates can easily be defined for any kind of process.